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Project resources

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Hearing aids and hearing protection

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Music resources

Apps and Applications

From the manufacturers

Phone-based apps

  • Adapt Sound – Use Samsung’s hidden hearing test to get drastically better sound quality from your Galaxy phone.
  • AUD1 – A mobile app designed to intelligently modulate the loudness of the sonic environment for the hearing-impaired user.
  • BioAid – The Biologically Inspired Hearing Aid. The app turns your iOS device into a hearing aid by processing sound from the microphone, then delivering the processed sound over headphones in real time.
  • Petralex – lets your iPhone or iPad turn any headset into a Hearing Aid.
  • Play It Down – put your hearing to the test with three fun features (dial up your age to hear how your music sounds to someone older than you; see who can detect the highest frequencies; measure the volume of everything).
  • TV Louder – use this app with headphones to make the TV sound louder without turning the TV volume way up.

Computer-based applications

  • More from Music – An Interactive Music Awareness Programme developed with adult cochlear implant (CI) users from the University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service and members of the UK National Cochlear Implant Users Association.
  • Musiclarity – An interactive music rehabilitation application dedicated to improving the experience of listening to music for hearing aid users. Developed by Reactify, partners of the 3D Tune-In project (3D-games for TUNing and lEarnINg about hearing aids).

Online courses

Software development toolkits

  • – A standard C++ library for audio spatialisation and simulation of hearing loss and hearing aids.
  • – open Master Hearing Aid (openMHA) – an open community software platform for hearing aid research.

Useful links

  • We have also created a separate page listing some further organisations relevant to the topics of music listening and hearing impairment.

Further suggestions

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