Hearing Aids For Music Conference

14-15 September 2017
School of Music, University of Leeds

Hearing Aids for Music Conference programme.
Hearing Aids for Music Conference programme.

The Hearing Aids for Music Conference 2017 brought together deaf musicians and music lovers, hearing aid users, audiologists, researchers and hearing aid manufacturers from across the globe. By sharing knowledge and experiences, discussing current and emerging technologies that benefit music listening and performance, and listening to performances by musicians with hearing impairments, participants contributed to the discussion of how our conference findings might impact on current and future policy and practice.

The conference programme is available here (as a pdf), and in addition we will be including further conference materials to the list below over the coming weeks.

Many thanks to all our participants for the wonderful contributions to the event!

Thursday 15 September

  • 09:00 Registration and Coffee
  • 09:45 Welcome
  • 10:00 Reflections of a deaf church organist. Brian Henderson [abstract] [video]
  • 10:15 AHRC-funded Hearing Aids for Music project. Alinka Greasley [abstract] [slides] [video]
  • 10:45 Effects of hearing aids on music perception. Sara Madsen and Brian Moore [abstract] [slides]
  • 11:15 Coffee
    • Poster 1: Insights into the complexities of music listening for hearing aid users. Alinka Greasley et al. [abstract] [poster a] [poster b]
    • Poster 2: Electroacoustic correlates of subjective sound quality for hearing aid processed music. Jonathan Vaisberg et al. [abstract] [poster]
  • 11:45 Consideration of physical and perceptual factors in aided music listening. Maja Serman and Mirko Arnold [abstract] [slides] [video]
  • 12:30 Beyond the audiogram: A consideration of factors which may impact music engagement. Lena Batra [abstract] [video]
  • 13:00 Lunch and Exhibition
  • 14:00 Workshops
    • Workshop 1: Cognition, hearing aids and music. Thomas Behrens [abstract] [slides]
    • Workshop 2: Starkey hearing technologies workshop. Sue Falkingham and Paul Lamb [abstract]
    • Workshop 3: Providing support for music listening within hearing rehabilitation. Harriet Crook and Heather Austin [abstract] [slides]
    • Workshop 4: Virtual hearing aids, binaural audio, and gamification for better hearing aid adoption. Lorenzo Picinali and Yuli Levtov [abstract]
  • 15:00 Musicians and the prevention of hearing loss. Marshall Chasin [abstract] [video]
  • 15:30 Coffee
  • 16:00 Considerations of a professional musician who happens to be deaf. Cathy Bowker [abstract] [video]
  • 16:15 Musicians first? Christine Rocca [abstract]
  • 17:00 Exhibition, Networking and Wine Reception.
  • 18:00 Concert: FORTE Ensemble [info] [video]
  • 19:00 End

Friday 16 September

  • 09:00 Registration and Coffee
  • 09:15 Hearing aids from the view of a professional musician. Rick Ledbetter [abstract] [video]
  • 09:30 Music in the view of a hearing aid manufacturer. Volker Kühnel
    [abstract]  [slides]
  • 10:00 Improving music preference in hearing loss. Kei Kobayashi [abstract]
  • 10:30 Hearing aids and music: An analysis of the factors influencing user satisfaction. Rémi Marchand et al. [abstract] [video]
  • 11:00 Coffee
  • 11:30 Music Appreciation and Participation in Children with Hearing Loss. Erik Jorgensen and Elizabeth Walker [abstract] [slides] [video]
  • 12:00 A musical challenge. Christine Rocca  [abstract]
  • 12:30 Music perception of adult cochlear implant and hearing aid users. Valerie Looi [abstract]
  • 13:00 Lunch and Exhibition
  • 14:00 Workshops
    • Workshop 5: Developing self-directed music learning activities for adult hearing aid users. Valerie Looi [abstract] [slides]
    • Workshop 6: Optimising hearing technology for music: It’s not all down to software. Gary Holland [abstract] [slides]
    • Workshop 7: Hearing is Believing. Chris Cartwright [abstract]
    • Workshop 8: Wired and unwired for sound – the next stage in the development in technology for listening to music. Richard Vaughan and James Mander [abstract]
  • 15:00 Hearing loss in the audio/visual field. Sam Lanes [abstract]
  • 15:15 Plenary and Future Directions. Marshall Chasin and Alinka Greasley [abstract] [slides]
  • 16:00 Coffee
  • 16:30 End

Communication support

BSL interpretation was provided by Dave Wycherley and Alexia Blohm-Pain.

In the main hall

  • Remote captioning provided by AI Media.
  • BSL interpretation for all main presentations.
  • Loop system available.
  • Personal FM systems on request.

In the workshop rooms

  • FrontRow soundfield system in all workshop rooms.
  • BSL interpretation by arrangement.
  • Personal FM systems on request.


3D Tune-In

AI Media

Connevans Limited

Ewing Foundation for deaf children


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