We are recruiting for a new research study

Do you use hearing aids?


We need participants for an interview study taking place between July – December 2015 about music listening.

We are recruiting hearing aid users interested in taking part in a study about music listening. Interviews will last for 1 hour and you will also receive an audiometric assessment at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

If you are interested, please email your answers to the following questions to musicandhearingaids@leeds.ac.uk:

  • What is your level of deafness?
  • Are you musically trained?
  • Has your hearing level changed over the last 2 months?
  • Have you experienced any of the following in the last 2 months: auditory processing disorders / auditory neuropathy / fluctuating hearing loss / recent acute hearing loss / ear infection / significant asymmetry in hearing loss / problematic tinnitus or hyperacusis?
  • Do you use one or two hearing aids?
  • Do you have a cochlear implant?
  • Is English your first language?

To take part, or if you have any questions, please email musicandhearingaids@leeds.ac.uk.

Many thanks,

Music and Hearing Aids Project Team