Upcoming Conference 2017

We’re excited to be organising our ‘Hearing Aids for Music’ conference which is taking place in Leeds this September.

The conference will allow hearing aid users, researchers, audiologists and manufacturers to get together and discuss current issues in listening to music with hearing aids.

There are four programmed strands of activity: conference presentations, an exhibition area, practical workshops, and an evening performance.

The conference presentations cover a range of topics and are presented in a variety of styles – study reports, applied research, practical work and personal experience from people based all over the globe.

There is ample time for networking in the exhibition space too, with the chance to meet representatives from some of the major hearing aid manufacturers and smaller companies alike.

The workshops are a fantastic opportunity to engage with a number of themes:

• Clinicians discussing service provision, rehabilitation and learning methods.
• Researchers presenting work using new technologies to improve music listening.
• Hearing aid developers discussing the state of the art, and issues still to be surmounted.

Finally, we are privileged too to have the FORTE Ensemble, a group of professional musicians who are deaf, join us on the Thursday evening to perform in the Clothworkers’ Centenary Concert Hall.

Registration is open now and it’s not too late to sign up… Please join us if you’re interested!

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